TravelgateX receives its IATA Certification

Palma de Mallorca 11 July 2018.- The FlightsX API is based on GraphQL, which means that each client is ultimately responsible for what they want to return, and it is completely written in GO and Redis. There is also the possibility of writing add-ons (in GO) in order to add any logic or add an additional functionality. FlightsX is hosted in Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and it allows pure connectivity, which means that each client, by means of having an agreement with their provider and providing their own credentials, will be able to access their system. As pointed out by Óscar Perez CTO of TravelgateX: "The exception is our price cache API for flights. We can return prices and availability in a similar way to the QPX Express API from the beginnings of Google".

TravelgateX is the first Spanish marketplace that operates worldwide surpassing a record business volume of more than 3.2 billion dollars per year in the travel industry. It provides a reservation every 8 seconds, more than 600 partners connected through 3,000 online connections, and more than 9 million euros a day moving in the travel sector thanks to integrations. This is the online business of TravelgateX, which in the first months of 2018 has launched this marketplace in the travel sector which will allow us to face a new record of growth in terms of B2B integrations within the global travel sector.

With its headquarters in Parc Bit (Palma de Mallorca), this technological company with more than 80 IT engineers has managed to break the records of 20,000 reservations per day in hotels, flights and tourist services, with 900 million searches per day in the sector.

TravelgateX platform is based on GraphQL, a unique technology worldwide in the tourism industry, in which a single online integration provides access to the largest network of tourism buyers and providers. Thus, TravelgateX becomes one of the pioneering platforms in the sector when implementing it for the integration of tourist services such as flights, hotels, car rentals, excursions or others. And in order for everyone to know how this implementation works, TravelgateX IT team has created a free on-line documentation site for developers and everyone interested on the matter.

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The marketplace that connects the largest network of tourism service providers in the world has received the certification by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as "NDC capable" (New Distribution Capability) Level 3 aggregator status which is already used by airlines such as Iberia or British Airways.

After being granted this status by the IATA, TravelgateX announces that they will work on its new product FlightsX, a tool that allows a single XML connection to connect more than 30 flight providers to any airline, either regular, low cost or GDS.

"Level 3 is the highest certification granted by IATA to companies that can demonstrate the ability to execute a complete management of supply and reservations, and we are indeed very happy", said TravelgateX CEO Pedro Brücher.

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