TravelgateX the global marketplace for the travel trade

One reservation every 8 seconds, more than 600 partners connected with 3,000 online connections and more than 9 million euros per day flowing in the travel industry thanks to the integrations. This is the online business of TravelgateX, which in the first months of 2018 launched this marketplace in the travel sector, which will allow us to face a new record of growth in terms of B2B integrations with the global travel sector.

Palma de Mallorca, july 2018.- Located in Parc Bit of Palma de Mallorca, this technological company composed of more than 80 computer engineers has managed to break the records of 20,000 reservations per day in hotels, flights and tourist services, 900 million searches per day in the sector and more than 3.2 billion U.S Dollars per year in business volume.

The TravelgateX platform is based on a unique technology in the tourism industry worldwide. A single online integration provides access to the largest network of tourism buyers and sellers. In 2018 the company has launched the new API based on GraphQL. This Technology has made TravelgateX one of the pioneering platforms in the industry and has led to the integration of touristic services such as flights, hotels, car rental, excursions, etc. The company's technical team has also created a free documentation center for developers so that it can be consulted online.

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In addition to all this, the company will propose to businesses in the sector, the HotelX API, designed especially for online hotel connections and for all types of businesses: B2B, B2C, B2XML or meta. This API will guide company’s from the initial mapping to the complete content of a hotel through dynamic prices, intelligent caching and unlimited data sources, maintain the response time below the second.

"We want to continue innovating and working to allow companies to transform the way they market, sell and operate. We provide the technological infrastructure and marketing know-how to help them take advantage of the power of the network, interact with other companies in a simple, effective and scalable way ", says the CEO and founder of TravelgateX Pedro Brücher Camara.

The success achieved stems from three pillars: network, innovation and partnership. This has led XML Travelgate to be the first partner of well-known platforms such as EAN: "Working with EAN has allowed us to expand beyond the distribution to offer innovative solutions, like HotelX, our new API based on GraphQL for our clients and partners, we hope to take advantage of EAN Rapid to grow and expand our business even further”, says Pedro Brücher.

What is an online integration? Online integrations are a technology that connects a client with their travel services provider. This technology permits different computer programming languages ​to be understood both by clients and suppliers. In most cases, this language is XML, which travels on the Internet at high speed. However, more advanced alternatives will be incorporated, such as the case of HotelX created from GraphQL.

An integration enables a client to make a query to their travel services provider about the availability of a hotel room for a certain day, making sure they answer instantly. The client can be an online travel agency, a reservation system or a traditional travel agency. The suppliers can range from companies that manage hotels to airlines, car rental or entertainment companies.

"Our clients want to work with us for three main reasons: Innovation, provided by our advanced technical team; networking, and loyalty since many have been with us for years and we have helped them grow ", concludes the CEO of the company.

TravelgateX already connects the largest network of buyers (+150) and sellers (+600) with a single integration. The average number of reservations is 1 every 8 seconds, which represents more than 3 billion reservations per year in travel services, hotels, transport and entertainment.

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