Hotel Confirmation Number

Do you know what HCN stands for? 

Hotel Confirmation Number is a code issued by the property once a booking is confirmed. It's the only code that really matters. If you have the HCN, the hotel will honor the booking. Always

You know the drill. Your client arrives at a hotel only to find it has closed due to ever changing local restrictions. They call your robust 24hrs service, who frantically search for acceptable alternative accommodation. But the damage is done. So then you invest in more people to ring hotels to get the HCN

How good would it be to just have the code with the booking details?

Enter HCN by TGX,  a simple, fast and scalable solution that eliminates unpleasant surprises.

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How does it work?


Save valuable resources wasted in obtaining the HCN manually. Receive via API the only code that ensures a smooth travel experience to your customers.

Exclusive solution for Buyers and Sellers connected to our marketplace.

No need for manual and expensive operational solutions that rely on calling hotels all over the world.

Receive the HCN with your booking details when available.

Transparent, simple pricing: 1€ for every booking confirmed with the hotel.

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What is the success rate of obtaining the HCN?
We successfully obtain the HCN for around 91% of bookings.
Do you work with the Seller in order to get the HCN?
We get the HCN directly from the hotel. That way we save time and resources for everyone in the booking process.
What development is needed from our side?
Absolutely none! You don't have to do any development work in order to obtain the HCN. You can receive it via API if you are connected to to Hotel-X API, or you can access our online B2B interface where you can get booking information on demand.
Is there a cost for the use of the HCN solution?
Yes, the cost is of 1 EUR per confirmed booking with the hotel.
Do you check the booking as soon as it’s made?
Currently we get the HCN for reservations that have their check-in day within the next 7 days.