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TravelgateX tick these boxes quite well. We have been able to access multiple sellers, consume their data, and test integrations all in a short period of time.

Ketan Anand, Co-Founder and CTO at tripAbrood


A powerful API connecting you to hundreds of hotel accomodation suppliers

Connect to Sellers, expand your inventory and reach new customers with one click!

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The largest network of Buyers anywhere!

Speed your time to market - sell to hundreds of Buyers - Join once - connect to all!

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Developer Friendly API

Intuitive, cutting-edge GraphQL API

A single API connecting the entire Travel Industry

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Transparency is a key value for us at TravelgateX and is at the heart of all we do. Monitor, enhance and expand your connectivity with our Apps.


The first-in-class Smart Caching Solution. Sell more with sub-second response times while saving up to 80% of traffic.

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Inventory allows you to connect seamlessly to 40+ Channel Managers and manage your own stock in a beautifully simple solution.

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Evaluate your API performance on a real-time minute-by-minute basis, to uncover problems and issues virtually before they actually cost money!.

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Logging is a tool provided by TravelgateX to allow clients and suppliers to retrieve and download XML traces from transactions.


Business Rules Engine at the heart of HotelX, to optimize your distribution strategy.

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Regain control of your business and become a data-driven company by using data to your advantage. Business Intelligence made easy.

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TravelgateX is the global marketplace for the Travel Industry

Founded in 2012 and based in sunny Palma de Mallorca, Spain, TravelgateX provides world-class APIs that connect Buyers and Sellers across the travel industry.


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Customer story

Over the past eight months, we’ve seen many parts of our technology industry rise up to help both hotels and travel technology providers to better understand new and emerging trends, as they happened. I’m proud to say that SiteMinder and TravelgateX are examples of this

 James Bishop, Director Partnerships SiteMinder

Travel data trends
Transform data into Insights

This dashboard provides free access to real data from bookings made in the last 7 days through TravelgateX: top destinations by bookings, source markets, ADR's, passenger type and check-in dates.

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